The fastest way to find the answers to many of your questions is to search in our FAQ. If however you do need to reach a member of our service team, please mail us at



1. How this website works?

Take our video tutorial here to understand the concept. It is specially designed to explain you the website works.

2. How do I report missing Cash back?

Click here to report missing Cash back.

3. What is missing cash back?

Sometimes due to some technical problem your transaction might not be tracked. Then we have to manually add the transaction. This procedure takes few weeks and is a long procedure. So please be very careful while making the transaction. Click here to report missing Cash back.

4. How will I get my cash back?

There are 2 ways to use your cash back.
a) Recharge your phone
To recharge you phone click on 'recharge' option on the menu bar. Recharge page will open. Fill in the information there and click on submit. You can see the recharge history in the 'recharge summary' table on the same page.

a) Request Transfer/Bank Transfer.
Once you have successfully earned the minimum balance required, you can ask for bank transfer. You have to enter your bank account details if you have not done so while signup. The amount will be then transferred to you in 7 working days.

5. The information we have entered is secured?

Yes. We do not share/sell customers' information to anyone. Read our Term and Conditions and Privacy policy for more details.

6. Do I have to login to to avail the cash back?

Yes. We do not share/sell customers' information to anyone. Read our Term and Conditions and Privacy policy for more details.

7. I have made a transaction but my cash back is showing pending. Why?

We take about 6-12 weeks to confirm your transcation. It takes such a long duration because we need to validate the transcation which takes a lot of time. There might be a scenario where the purchase might be cancelled or returned. Plus most of the work is done manually. This is why we take 6-12 weeks to give you cash back.

8. If I am getting an offer from a merchant's site can I still combine it with cash back?

No. Only coupons provided by are valid for Cash Back. Use of coupons from sites other than may void the Cash Back.

9. What are the steps to avail cash back?

Follow the step written below or take our video tutorial.
1. Go to and . Verify your account.
2. Log in To and . Verify your account.
3. Browse through the list of stores provided in the site
4. Then click on the stores from where you want to shop or buy tickets. You will be then redirected to the store website.
5. Make you purchases in the same browser at the same time. DO NOT CLOSE THE BROWSER OR DISCONNECT THE INTERNET. IF SO, please again follow from the step 3.
6. That is it. Go to My Account. You will find all the details for that transaction there including the cash back amount you earned.

10. Do I need to register to avail cash back?

YES. Registration is mandatory and free too. Click here to

11. I purchased a product that is not up to the mark what should I do?

We are not responsible for the quality of the product you order because we are not selling it. Kindly check with the online store you ordered from.

NOTE : When you contact the online store (to report an issue with product or service)they might cancel your order and place a new order. Cancelling your order will cancel the cash back too. You have to ensure that when you are re-ordering you do it through our site to enjoy cash back.

12. I purchased a product but I have not got it till now?

We do not deliver you the product the store you have purchased from does. So we request you to check with the store.

13. If I return a product will I have to return the cash back that I have got?

This is not possible. You only get your cash back once the "return period" of the product has expired. The return period of products vary store to store.

14. Where can I see my cash back details?

Go to 'My Account' after login. You will find all the details there. In case of concerns contact us.

15.What do you mean by cash back and why are we giving it?

When you purchase via from any of our affiliated stores, we get an amount in form of marketing for the purchase you made from that store. We pay it to you in form of Cash back.

16.What are total available cash back, total pending cash back and total Earned cash back?

Total Available Cash Back is the amount which is there in your account and can be used immidiately.
Total Pending Cash Back is the amount from transactions which are done but the status is pending to get cash back.
Total Earned Cash Back is the total of Available and Pending Cash Back. showed cash back, but when I was redirected to the store I had to pay the full amount. Why is it so? pays you the cash back, not the store. So you have to pay the full amount at the merchant's site. Your outstanding cash back amount will be credited to your account by 'My Account' will have all the records of your transaction along with cash back details.

Note: you will have to login to access 'My Account'

18.After a purchase what is the process to avail the cash back?

Once you have made a purchase through, you can see the status of your transaction under My Account option. We will take 5 working days to upload your transaction. After that the transaction will show the status as pending. We will take about 6 - 12 weeks to confirm your transaction. After the transaction is confirmed, you can redeem it. Under 'My Account' you have options to redeem by recharge or request a payout.

19.Is it free to signing up for

Yes it is free. You do not pay us. We pay you.

20.Why should I refer a friend?

Referring a friend is a way to earn more cash back. When you refer a friend and when they make a purchase you get rewarded.

21.How do I refer a friend?

Log in to your account.
Click on the tab "referral" and follow the instructions there.
You can see your referral summary in 'My Account'

22.DO I get cash benefits for just referring a friend?

You get the cash benefits only when your friend has earned minimum 150 cash back points in his accounts. 'My Account' has details of the people you referred and amount they earned.

23.How do I change my email-address and other information?

Log in to your account.
Goto 'My Account'
Click on 'edit profile settings'
you can make the changes and submit.

24.Do I need to enable cookies?

Yes. It is very important to enable the cookies. Otherwise we may not be able to track your purchases and give you cash back.

25.Can I combine coupons and cash back on the same purchase?

For few stores and few offers you can do this! It will be mentioned on the site if you can. Kindly read the offer details properly before opting for it.

26.Why is important to follow the link provided by why can't I just go directly.

It is very important that you follow the link provided by us and do not alter it. The link helps us to track the sales and also know the user who has made the transaction. So please do login to your account and visit the store through us to track the sales.

27.Can I save an item in the shopping cart at merchant's site and come back to it later?

We advise you to complete the purchase in single sitting only in order to ensure that your transaction has been tracked without any issues.

28.I made a purchase via but later I cancelled the transaction and made a new purchase. Will I still get cash back?

You will not get cash back for the cancelled purchase. But for new purchase if you visited the merchant's website though then you will be eligible for the cash back.

29.I did not find answers to my questions. What should i do?

Kindly contact us. We will be glad to help you.

NOTE: when you contact us, do it through our contact us form and make sure you include all your relevant details and transaction details which will help us to serve you better.